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About the App


Based on proven research

It is well known that specific lifestyle habits will extend our longevity. Amazingly, recent research from Harvard and Oxford can predict statistically how much longer people live based on these lifestyle habits.

Calculates the number of added years

The research shows the potential number of added years is dependent on an individuals gender and age.  So every person has a different potential.  The app estimates the statistical number of added years for someone of your gender and age.

Displays your daily progress

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Your lifestyle habits will impact your longevity.  So use this app to measure your daily progress. The app will provide updates throughout the day as these habits impact your potential longevity.

This app uses data (exercise minutes, workout minutes and weight) from the Apple Health app to calculate the impact on longevity. Exercise/Workout minutes are a key component. The Apple watch is one of many devices that will capture and store this information in Apple Heath. There are also 3rd party apps that will capture your workout minutes and transfer them to Apple Health.  Otherwise, you can manually enter the workout minutes and weight data into the Apple Health app.

Tracks your progress over time

View your historical progress over time.  Look at your weekly, monthly and yearly progress. Are you improving over time? 

Encourages healthy lifestyle habits

Our initial release focuses on two of the most important habits - Exercise and Weight management.