Tracking Your Progress



All data is stored in Apple Heath. There are three ways to make sure your application has the correct data. 

1 - Automated entry  (The Best!)

2 - Quick entry using Apple Shortcuts

3 - Data entry through the Apple Health app

1. Automated Entry

This is the best way to use the app.  If you own an Apple watch, it will automatically track your daily exercise minutes and keep historical data in the Apple Health app.  If you have an internet enabled weight scale, it too will automatically track your weight.

In addition to the Apple Watch, there are many third party applications and devices that will capture your workout activity and store it in the Apple Health app. You will see a current list of apps for tracking workouts in Apple Health.

Note:  Exercise minutes are only created by the Apple watch.  Other apps capture Workout minutes. 

2. Quick Entry Using Apple Shortcuts

You can use Apple Shortcuts to easily enter the needed data.  We have already created the shortcuts for you.  All you need to do is download them to your iPhone. 

Hint:  You can place these shortcuts on your Home screen to make it very easy to access.

Apple Shortcuts:

You first need to have the Apple Shortcuts app downloaded from the Apple App store to your phone.  Click this link to download the Apple Shortcuts app.


From your apple phone click this link to add the 'Log Workout' shortcut to your phone.  This is a really quick and easy way to add a workout.


From your apple phone click this link to add the 'Log My Weight' shortcut to your phone. You only need to update your weight periodically.

If you have any issues installing these, please refer to the Apple Shortcuts app for assistance.

3. Data Entry Through the Apple Health App


Simply enter the number of minutes for each workout in the Apple Health app. Select Health Data/Activity.  Then select workouts and tap the + in the upper right corner.  Enter the activity type and any related information including the start and end times.  Click Add. 


Select Health Data menu item, then select Body Measurements. 

Note:  You can also enter your current weight in the Live Longer app Profile screen. However, it is best to store this data in the Apple Health app.  

Data Issues

Trouble Shooting Information

1. All screens missing data

If you are not seeing data on your Home screen, Habits screen or Trend screens, you need to confirm the data is in Apple Health.  The source of the data for this app is Apple Health. You should be able to enter a workout in Apple Health (see above instructions) and see the results appear on the screens. 

2. Third party app

If you are using a third party app to track your workout minutes, please make sure your app is successfully transferring the workout data to Apple Health.  If not, please search the internet for suggestions or work with your app provider.  Note: Some apps do not transfer the data immediately. There may be a delay between completing the workout and seeing the data in Apple Health.  

3. Apple watch

If you are using an Apple watch, the exercise minutes are quickly and automatically transferred to Apple Health.  If not, please make sure your Apple watch is connected to your iPhone or solicit help from Apple.  

4. Duplication of data

In some cases you may see duplication of data. First, close the app and reopen it.  This may solve the problem. Otherwise, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the Apple app store. You will not lose your data. All data from Apple Health will be restored.

5. Missing data or missing a workout

On the Trend screens, you can refresh all historical data by clicking the refresh option. If you manually entered a prior day workout, this will retrieve and display your workout.